"The Polish pianist Marian Mika, who features on this recording, is more than equipped for Zarembski's Lisztian challenges. This is a wonderfully stimulating exploration of the music of a cruelly short-lived and massively talented composer. Recommended wholeheartedly."
Colin Clarke、Fanfare

"The music of Zarembski is transmitted from the uniform sound, the elegant and delicate performance of Marian Mika results particularly refined. It is a silent and introvert music that is performed in a congenial manner. This CD represents a wider horizon for everybody, not only for the faithfully impassioned of the Chopin music."
Christian Vitalis KlassikMagazine


L'Oeuvre de Chopin (CD 13) - Brilliant Classical - 2007

Mazurka N°43 "Notre Temps" - Allegretto 4'05  
Mazurka N°44 Op.67 N°1 - Vivace 1'24  
Mazurka N°45 Op.67 N°2 - Cantabile 2'08  
Mazurka N°46 Op.67 N°3 - Allegretto 1'55  
Mazurka N°47 Op.67 N°4 - Moderato Animato 3'07 Listen this audio
Mazurka N°48 Op.68 N°1 - Vivace 1'58  
Mazurka N°49 Op.68 N°2 - Lento 3'00  
Mazurka N°50 Op.68 N°3 - Allegro ma non troppo 1'40  
Mazurka N°51 Op.68 N°4 - Andantino 2'06  
Mazurka N°52 - Con Anima 1'25  
Mazurka N°53 - Allegro ma non troppo 1'39  
Mazurka N°54 - Allegro ma non troppo 1'40  
Mazurka N°55 - Allegro ma non troppo 1'49  
Mazurka N°56 - Allegretto 1'16 Listen this audio
Mazurka N°57 - Vivace 3'46  
Mazurka N°58 - Poco Mosso 2'36 Listen this audio
Valse a M.lle Elise Gavard Op.ps. 70/2 (Original V) 1'54  
Valse Op.ps. 70/2 (Postmous Version J.Fontana) 3'01  
Marche Funèbre Op. 72/2 (Postmous Version J.Fontana) 5'48  
Marche Funèbre Op. 72/2 (After Oxford Version) 6'05 Listen this audio
Cantabile (Andantino) 1'10  
Prèlude - A mon ami P.Wolf - Presto con leggerezza 1'14 Listen this audio

ザレンブスキ: Piano Works - CPO - 2006
Grande Polonaise op. 6 in F# major 13'31 Listen this audio
Les Roses et les Espines op.13 21'00 Listen this audio
Berceuse op.22 5'15  
Tarantelle op.25 4'41 Listen this audio
Valse op.27 N°2 3'38  
Melodia op.27 N°5 3'12  
Valse op.27 N°6 in A major 4'40  
Mazurka 4'07